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We no longer require masks, but we do require proof of full vaccination.

OhioSMART applies the principle of RACK - Risk Aware Consensual Kink - to determine our COVID protocols. We assess risk based on trusted professional sources, epidemiologists, the CDC, and emerging science to protect our members, their loved ones, and our all-volunteer staff. Our protocol may be more strict than state mandates.

In short:

- Proof of COVID-19 vaccination is required at the door, every time

- There will be some extra sanitary guidelines in place for shared toys and equipment

- We will add a new wristband to our system so that those who are being especially careful about COVID can signal that they want space, are not willing to negotiate maskless play, and don't want to enter the maskless play room.

Please continue reading for full protocols.


Proof of vaccination is required at the door, NO EXCEPTIONS. We will accept the following:

- Your vaccination card in person at the event along with your photo ID

- A photograph on your phone of your vaccination card and ID: together in the same image and with ALL information visible. You should still bring your physical ID with you, but we understand not everyone carries their vaccine card.

**IF YOU DO NOT HAVE PROOF OF VACCINATION, YOU ARE NOT PERMITTED TO ENTER OUR FACILITY.** This applies to everyone -- we're simply not willing to risk our members, guests, and their loved ones' health by taking anyone's word for it.


When we decided to reopen, the vaccine seemed to protect against COVID and all its variants. Now, we know the Delta variant is able to be spread by and infect the vaccinated. Paying close attention to the development and effect of variants, we've decided to implement mask requirements.

We will require masks at all times inside the entire facility -- with the sole exception of the Arch Dungeon, exclusively during play. This accommodates both those who want to play maskless (biting, breath play, etc.) without endangering those who don't want to take on the risk. The Main Dungeon and medical rooms are mask-on zones - we recommend supplementing your safeword system with a nonverbal element as if you were using a gag. We also recommend that you find a mask that is comfortable to exercise in and wear for longer periods of time, as there are no exceptions.

For those of you who aren't familiar with the new space: the dungeon layout isn't a loop, it's linear. The Arch Dungeon is the end point after you've passed the social areas, Main Dungeon, bathroom, etc. so there's no reason to go into the Arch Dungeon unless you choose to. It's very spacious, it gets sunlight, and there's even a sink for hand-washing.

Please keep in mind that fireplay is only allowed in the Arch dungeon. Full suspension will be paused without prior DM or board member approval because the hard points aren't yet installed in the Arch Dungeon and full suspension with a mask on is an advanced skill.


We now know COVID-19 is spread through respiratory droplets. The likelihood of contracting COVID from surfaces is lessened, but we still want to do everything we can to mitigate risk.

Hand sanitizer will be available at every cleaning station as per usual, as well as in social areas and near high-contact zones like the nametag station.

If you want to play with gags, gimp masks, or anything that might touch your face: you should bring your own and not share with others.

Clean all shared equipment (including but not limited to the equipment that belongs to the space) thoroughly after play AND before play to further reduce risk.


We want to make post-pandemic play as smooth as possible, so we're adding a new wristband to our system. Orange indicates "I'm being careful about COVID/I want space/I don't want to negotiate high-COVID risk play/I don't want to enter the Arch Dungeon, etc."

Unlike the other wristbands, which are only to be worn if you're willing to negotiate play, the COVID wristband can be worn by everyone, including those who want to simply observe.

If you only want to negotiate play with people who are being as careful as you, you can combine the orange wristband with your usual ones. For example, you can don a purple wristband, a rainbow wristband, AND an orange wristband to indicate that you are a queer switch who is being especially careful about COVID.

If you're up for maskless play in the Arch Dungeon, skip the orange wristband and look for pick-up play with those who did the same.

If you have any questions, please email

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