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Smart Ties - Why we tie (Dec 2021)

  • 12 Dec 2021
  • 2:00 PM - 5:00 PM
  • Ohio Smart Play Space


Why do we tie and like being tied? Why are rope people their own community within the larger kink community? Where did all of this come from? What is the difference between the various labels people put on their rope style? 

We will discuss these questions and what the answers mean to you. To begin figuring this out, we will cover some history, some myths and lore and how nomenclature has changed over the years. Through this discussion we will take a look at the culture behind tying.

For some, tying is first and foremost an art. Others participate in bondage as a means of stress relief or relaxation. For others, it is a way of building intimacy and trust with another human.

We will discuss and dig into our own personal reasons and motives and will leave understanding this step on this journey on a deeper level.  Using this knowledge we will practice several different hands on exercises together.

Please know how to tie a single column, bring several hanks of rope, and a desire to learn more about yourself and why you tie.

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