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Statement of Principle

OhioSMART is a private, non-profit, membership organization with an all-volunteer board of directors and staff. We are committed to providing a fun, creative, and educational environment that is free from harassment, abusive behavior, and consent violations. The board is dedicated to furthering freedom of expression in tandem with personal accountability, while driving to eliminate abusive behaviors. OhioSMART expects high standards of behavior and education, and will make every effort to ensure all members and guests act responsibly and with sensitivity.

Common sense policy

All OhioSMART rules, policies and guidelines apply to all members or persons in attendance at any and all OhioSMART events. All OhioSMART rules, policies and guidelines further extend to online activity including but not limited to Fetlife and the OhioSMART website.

Discretion Policy

If a person or persons knowingly or unknowingly jeopardize the safety or sanctity of OhioSMART, its members, or events, the offending person(s) may be immediately ejected from any event at the sole discretion of the OhioSMART board members present. The OhioSMART board may take additional action, up to and including permanent ban from OhioSMART events or activities, in accordance with the bylaws.

The following actions may be cause for removal from an event, revocation of membership, or banning:

Consent Violations

- Examples include but are not limited to: failure to honor and use safewords, failure to honor stated limits and/or boundaries, violations of personal space and/or boundaries, violations of the photography policy.

Abusive Behavior/Harassment

- Examples include but are not limited to: bullying, coercion, unwanted sexual advances, intimidation, non-consensual physical abuse, and defamation. This includes both online, and in-person behavior. Harassment doesn't require physical presence to be a problem, and it will NOT be tolerated.

Violation of this Code of Conduct

The OhioSMART Board take reports very seriously. If at an event or online forum, you are being harassed, have your consent violated, or even just see another member or guest making others uncomfortable, please report this to a Board Member as soon as possible. We encourage individuals to report any code of conduct violations that occur at an event, during that event and as soon as you feel safe to do so. We recognize that sometimes reports cannot be made immediately. To make a report after an event, please email


Code of Conduct: Abide by code of conduct in person and in online forums including Fetlife and the OhioSMART website.

Age & Agreement: OhioSMART members must be at least 19 years old, must show proof of age and agree to and follow all rules of OhioSMART. I agree that I am not required to register in any state as a sex offender, and I have never been convicted of any sexual related felony.

Confidentiality: All information about identities and activities of OhioSMART participants is held in strict confidence by all participants, including but not limited to names, telephone numbers, addresses and all personal information.

Consensuality: All activities and discussions at OhioSMART events are agreed upon by all parties involved and all participants must be able to consent. All participants will respect as final the decision of anyone to not participate in any activity. Be aware that all are also responsible for communicating personal preferences and boundaries to others. Do not exceed your personal limits or that of another, and stop any activity immediately if requested by another participant, an OhioSMART board member, or a Play Space Monitor.

Drugs & Alcohol: No illegal drugs or alcoholic beverages are allowed at any OhioSMART event. No member or guest shall be under the influence of any illegal drug or alcoholic beverage while on the premises of an OhioSMART event, or they will be asked to leave at the discretion of the Board.

Cameras: At no time may participants use cameras or recording devices at any OhioSMART event. THIS INCLUDES CELL PHONES and ELECTRONIC DEVICES! The official SMART phone may be available for pictures on request, but we will not photograph anyone who has not explicitly consented to being included.

Safety: All activities at an OhioSMART event must be performed in a safe, consensual fashion. The judgment of the Board and Play Space Monitors will be adhered to implicitly.

Solicitation: No participant may solicit or request services for monetary consideration or favors of any kind, sexual or non-sexual.

Vending: No participant may vend or offer items for monetary value during any play party or meeting without express permission of the Board

Knowledge: Read the organization’s bylaws  to maintain knowledge of what our organization is about and an understanding of how it is run and what your rights as a member are.

Commitment: Volunteer at events throughout the year (bring food, do a door shift, a PSM shift, help tear down at the end of events and take out trash, clean up after oneself throughout any event) We are a self-run community and it takes all members pitching in to do their part for us to continue what we do.

Adapted with permission from Twisted Windows and Dark Odyssey, with gratitude!

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☎  440.732.8317

OhioSMART is a 501c(7) non-profit organization.

Mailing Address:
PO Box 602643
Cleveland, OH 44102

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