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Frequently Asked Questions

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I Want To Go, But What if I've Never Tried BDSM?

We're an educational group - plenty of our members learned the ropes on-site. If you're interested in BDSM and have looked into it, you probably know enough to fit in. You don't have to play. You can politely observe.

Where Do We Meet?

We are located on the east of Downtown Cleveland, not far off Interstate 90.

To protect the privacy of our guests and members, we will send the address via email when you RSVP to with your first and last legal name.

Why Do You Need My Legal Name?

For the safety of fellow attendees, yourself, and the organization, your legal name, valid state ID, & signature are required on a legally binding waiver of liability. Only member-elected board trustees will have access to personal identifying information, which is kept private and secure at all times.

Why Do I Have To Sign A Privacy Statement/Waiver?

OhioSMART is a legal non-profit organization, so there is certain information we must have that is required by the government to maintain our legal standing. Your information is kept secure by the board trustees.

What About My Privacy?

Privacy and confidentiality are of the utmost concern at OhioSMART events. We do not share your information with anyone. Most people choose a scene name to keep their legal name secret. It’s also highly encouraged that our members and guests respect each other’s right to privacy by not pressing for potentially revealing information (telephone numbers, legal name, address, job description, etc.). It is perfectly acceptable to tell someone “I am not comfortable sharing that information,” and no further questions should be asked.

Am I Required To Play?

No one is required to play at any time with anyone, even if they have played and negotiated in the past. Our wristband system is set up to let others know that you are open to discussing and then negotiating play, but it is not a requirement to play with anyone.

What Is The Wristband System?

We have a wristband system in place to help those who are interested in playing with new people a way to identify those who are also interested. Wearing a wristband does not guarantee you will be approached to negotiate play. It only indicates you are WILLING to negotiate play. We provide four types of wristbands at OhioSMART - blue for bottoms, red for tops, purple for switches, and rainbow for queer or LGBTQIA+ identifying people. 

Can We Bring Alcohol To Parties?

One cannot legally give consent in any situation if they are impaired. OhioSMART does not permit members or guests to bring alcohol to the space and reserves the right to ask anyone who appears impaired to leave parties.

What About Food & Drinks?

OhioSMART provides coffee and water, and our members bring potluck snacks and non-alcoholic beverages as well. You are allowed to bring your own non-alcoholic beverages in plastic bottles or cans (NO GLASS PLEASE). Only water and candy are allowed in the dungeon area while all other food and drink should stay in the social area.

I Don't Own Any Leather, What Do I Wear?

Whatever makes you feel good! For some people, that's fetish wear. For others, it's jeans and a T-shirt. You can go as bare as you dare in the play areas, but please remember to cover any surface you sit on with a towel if you choose to go nude.

What If I Don't Have Any Toys?

The play space is outfitted with furniture and toys, and there's probably someone there who can show you how to use any unfamiliar equipment. 

Can We Have Sex At Parties?

There is no penetration at any of our regular play parties. No fingers! No toes! No toys! No kidding!!!!!

One of the benefits of becoming a member is being able to attend Members Only parties, the only nights where penetration is permitted.

What If I Don't Know Anyone There?

We do our best to make all newcomers feel welcome. We all have at least one thing in common, after all! Come and make some new kinky friends!!

What If I DO Know Someone There?

Although it is incredibly unlikely that you will run into anyone you know, it does happen and it doesn’t have to be awkward. You’re both in the same location so there’s obviously the common bond of BDSM. Acknowledge one another and agree to keep one another’s identifying information intact.

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☎  440.732.8317

OhioSMART is a 501c(7) non-profit organization.

Mailing Address:
PO Box 602643
Cleveland, OH 44102

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