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Fetish Flea Market is OhioSMART's annual fall festival of education, play, and shopping! Join us on November 16th, 2019!


Vending will be from 1pm - 6pm. Remember, shopping only is FREE!

The Flea offers 4 daytime classes and and additional evening class/play party.

There will be a snack bar available selling lunch and snacks. (Cash only at the lunch stand.)

Admission can be pre-paid online or purchased at the door, with valid government issued ID and cash or credit card.

Space will be closed between 6-7:30 for dinner break/vendor load-out.

After the dinner break/vendor load out, the evening portion of the event will begin with a feature class, followed by a play party until 2 am.

Once again we will be hosting an entire day of kinky shopping, classes, and a play party that evening for you to try out all those new toys you just bought!

The day begins with something to make everyone happy -



1:30-2:45 Cigars and Service with ChrisIsFine on the Patio, Recovery In The Lifestyle with DanielBelum in the Classroom

3:00-4:15 Single Power Exchange with MochaLMT

4:30-5:45 Slutty Sex for Real Relationships with Dan and dawn

Vending and classes will close at 6pm Feel free to head out to a dinner with your kinky colleagues or go grab a bite to eat at any number of nearby restaurants.

Doors re-open at 7:30pm for our evening class, followed by our play party until 2:00am!

8:15pm-10pm: Rope Tyjamas - Overnight Bondage with Raiju

10pm-2am: Play Party!

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