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Who is eligible?

For reference, please see the OhioSMART bylaws, Section 5.2 Number, Eligibility, Election, Tenure and Vacancies.

Tl;dr: To run for a board position, individuals must have become members of OhioSMART at least 90 days before running for election. Their membership must be current as of the Monday before elections. Spouses and/or partners are not eligible to serve on the Board simultaneously.

How long are Board terms?

In our by-laws, board year has been updated to be from february 1 until January 31. 

What positions are available that require election by the Membership?

There are (3) three Officer positions (Chair, Secretary, and Treasurer) and (2) two At-Large positions that require election by the membership.

What are appointed positions and how can a member volunteer?

All positions within OhioSMART are on a voluntary basis. Unlike Board positions, all Special Interest Group (SIG) leaders, Consent Representative, Outreach Team members, and Board Alternates are appointed positions. Individuals interested in volunteering for those positions should e-mail for more information.

What are the Board members responsible for during their term?

Please refer to Article VI from the OhioSMART Bylaws for detailed information.

tl;dr Here are the officer positions and responsibilities:

  • Chair: Facilitates board meetings and act as representative to the membership, the community at large, and to other organizations.
  • Secretary: maintains all agendas of organizational business and keeps all necessary documents and minutes of the organization.
  • Treasurer: maintains the financial documents and receipts of business transactions for the organization, ensuring funds are disbursed as directed by the Board to facilitate its business, and produces regular financial reports to the Board as needed.

Additional responsibilities are divided between the Officers and At-Large Board members. Those responsibilities and duties include:

  • Event promotion
  • Volunteer coordination
  • Marketing-website, print, electronic, and social media
  • Facilities and maintenance
  • Program Coordination (speakers, educational events, SMART Beginnings, special events)
  • Membership Coordination and Newcomer’s Orientation
  • Liaisons to Special Interest Groups
  • Event hospitality and security
  • Responses to incidents in which the code of conduct is not followed
  • Other duties as needed

How do candidates apply for election?

Interested folks can fill out the following Google Form by the deadline, which is seven (7) days before the elections occur:

Individuals must make themselves available to answer questions in an online forum (currently via Fetlife) in advance of the elections meeting, and will answer final questions from members onsite before votes are cast.

What is the review process for candidates?

The current Board of Directors will confirm that individuals seeking election do not have two Tier 2 offenses listed in the SMART incident trackers and that they meet the criteria of active membership before accepting their application and sharing it with the membership.

How are members notified of the Annual Meeting?

Thirty (30) days prior to the Annual Meeting, typically held on the third Saturday in May each year, the OhioSMART Board will post a notice of its annual meeting via its website, through online social media updates, and via e-mail to members in good standing who have opted in to receive news electronically from the organization.

How do members know who is running for election?

Eligible candidate bio forms will be posted in the online forum for OhioSMART via FetLife on the Sunday before elections and posted on the OhioSMART website.

How do we ask them questions?

Community members can post questions to all candidates through the FetLife forum or send questions they want posted anonymously to the OhioSMART FetLife account.

Who moderates the online forum?

The current board helps moderate the forum along with the Consent Representative.

How does the elections process work at the annual meeting?

All members in attendance will first have an opportunity to ask questions of any of the candidates on the ballot, though members are encouraged to ask questions via the online forums ahead of the meeting time.

Members will first receive a ballot to elect up to 3 individuals from the Officer ballot. If someone attempts to elect more than 3 individuals, that ballot will be invalid and not counted in the final results.

Once the Officers are announced, voting will then commence for the At-Large ballot. If a candidate is listed on both the Officer and At-Large ballot, but is elected on the Officer ballot, they are no longer eligible for an At-Large position. Members may vote for up to 2 individuals on the At-Large ballot. If someone attempts to elect more than 2 individuals, that ballot will be invalid and not counted in the final results.

What if nobody runs for the Board of Directors?

OhioSMART can only exist due to the community and volunteer organizers who make events happen. Let's just say that :)

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