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August Third Saturday with Kevin Patterson

  • August 18, 2018
  • 7:15 PM (UTC-04:00)
  • August 19, 2018
  • 2:00 AM (UTC-04:00)
  • Ohio SMART Play Space


  • Play Party Only
  • Class / Demo + Play Party
  • Play Party Only
  • Class / Demo + Play Party


With Kevin Patterson

Class Description

Since the 1960s, many of us have adopted a modern take on polyamory with female-driven resources and ideologies at the forefront. So, how does this mesh with some of the traditional ideas of masculinity that we’ve been socialized to believe. If we’re determined to shed default setting relationship-models, what parts of masculine conditioning do we also need to let go of? What parts do we need to keep? In this workshop, we’ll explore ideas common to polyamory and masculinity and how we intend to rewrite our own scripts to reflect a positive narrative for our communities, our partners, and ourselves. Bring your stories! 

Presenter Bio 

Kevin Patterson is an active member of the Philadelphia polyamory community. He's been practicing ethical nonmonogamy since August of 2002 after opening up a relationship that eventually became his marriage.

In April of 2015, Kevin was inspired to start Poly Role Models, an interview series for people describing their experiences with polyamory. Poly Role Models is part of a drive and a desire to change the way our lives and communities are viewed. It is currently the most diverse and inclusive platform for polyamory available.

To continue the discussion of polyamorous representation, Kevin has extended the blog's work into nationwide speaking engagements about how race and polyamory intersect. This has led to the writing of the book, Love's Not Color Blind: Race and Representation in Polyamorous and Other Alternative Communities. 

SMART Beginnings

Bondage 101: Thinking outside the box tie

This bondage 101 class will introduce you to what bondage is, far beyond the pretty rope ties we’ve seen online. It will take you through the basics of rope and of items you may have never thought to use for bondage play. From zip ties to personal clothing and even duct tape, this class will teach you how to enjoy bondage without the fancy rope or expensive cuffs.

Presenter bio

Kai_Dark is a happy sadist with a sharp wit and a pointed enjoyment of giving piercing pleasure and pain. When not poking someone full of holes, Kai enjoys tangling victims in bondage bliss. She has been in the kink community for almost a decade. Kai loves introducing new bottoms to the very specific experiences such as rope, play piercing, and guided fear play. 

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Guest and non-members MUST RSVP. To RSVP e-mail: with your legal first AND last name and the date of the event you would like to attend. You will receive a response with directions and instructions. Must be 21+ to attend.


7:15 p.m. Newcomer’s Orientation begins.

7:30 p.m. Doors open for members and guests, check-in open.

8:00 p.m. Educational /Guest presentation begins.

10:00 p.m. Open Play Party begins. SMART Beginnings Class held in Red Rm.

11:00 p.m. Registration/check-in closes.

2:00 a.m. Closing Time! You don’t have to go home, you just can’t stay here

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