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*Postponed*Barkas and Addie Rope Intensive Presented by Rope Bite Pgh and SMART Ties

  • March 22, 2020
  • 3:30 PM
  • March 23, 2020
  • 5:00 PM
  • The Body Shop McKees Rocks, PA
  • 2


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Registration is closed
Cost for this intensive is $350 per tying pair (financing and financial aid available)

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Barkas’ Kinbaku City
In this workshop, Barkas and Addie will take participants on a journey through the many meanings of rope. We will discuss communication through rope, movement with rope, and space in the context of rope. This is an opportunity to gain a deep insight into the philosophy and technique of Barkas’ and Addie’s work.
Although some of the material will be challenging, students of all levels are encouraged to participate. Barkas and Addie will show versions of exercises that work for them. If you can’t, for any reason, practice an exercise, let them know and they can help adapt the exercise for you.

Barkas is a bondage educator, performance artist, and writer. Their contributions to the bondage narrative include the development of Ranboo, the Interview Metaphor, and the “City of Kinbaku”.

Originally from Vienna and now residing in Vancouver, they are the cofounder and caretaker of TheSpace2. In addition to ongoing teaching locally, they continue to travel, perform, and give workshops internationally; some highlights include Shibaricon in Chicago, Moscow Knot, Kannawa Kai in Tokyo, West Coast Bound in Vancouver, FIRE in Orlando, Bondage Expo Denver, Place des Cordes in Paris, Anatomie Studio in London, and EURIX Berlin.

One of Barkas’ focuses is the implementation of philosophical, sociological, mathematical, and historical ideas to develop a deeper understanding of erotic rope bondage. This pursuit lead to the development of the Interview Metaphor - a mindset that prioritizes individuality, attention, and the interaction of the persons tying. As they often say, don’t tie people, tie with people. In 2016 Barkas collected these and other thoughts, and published them in “Archaeology of Personalities; A Linguistic Approach to Erotic Rope Bondage.”

Addie has been practicing rope for several years now. She enjoys tying, being tied, and self-tying, as well as performing and educating. Her teaching is informed by her professional background as a nurse, mixed with a wicked sense of humour and the goal of providing impactful, practical, and adaptable techniques and information for the wide variety of individuals who enjoy rope. Addie has spent the last four years teaching around the globe with her partner Barkas, providing information from and for the person being tied. Together, they opened and co-run TheSpace2 in Vancouver, a venue dedicated to the exploration of rope bondage and its contexts and expressions.

Please email to set up a payment plan if you wish to do so. The deposit is $100 and the remainder will need to be paid no later than 2/14/2020

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