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OutSMART: Pokemon Go in Cain Park

  • May 27, 2023
  • 1:00 PM - 5:00 PM

Beedrill Dunsparce Solrock Mudkip

This went pretty well last year, so we're going to do it again. This is an outdoor event, so if rain is in the forecast this event may be moved. This event will be led by board member @Col_Chestbridge . Come one, come all to the east side for a walk and some PoGo fun. Cain park has half a dozen Pokestops and 3 gyms within the walking distance. Hopefully we'll find a cool raid to do together.

There is street parking on the Superior rd side, and also on some of the nearby side streets. The plan is to meet up with everyone at the corner of Taylor and Superior (where there is a gym), and then start walking around 15-30 minutes after, once we've gathered people.

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