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Smarties: Rope Making and Rope Care

  • June 11, 2023
  • 2:00 PM - 5:00 PM
  • Cleveland Play Space (email


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Have you ever wanted to make your own rope? Or have you ever just wanted to know what goes into rope? Join Hardknight for a class on how to make your own rope. We'll be providing not just a demonstration, but some resources for you to truly do it yourself. If you want to bring your own supplies, see the notes below

Simultaneously, we'll also be holding a small class inside on rope maintenance. We'll cover how to fold, oil, and generally keep your rope in the best possible condition.

If you want to make rope, here's what you will need to bring along -

You only need one type of fiber. You can always bring any of the different types listed.

Rope Making Supplies

Clean cotton cloth

Jojoba oil

Jute (Drug Mart quite often carries it)

Jute - 30ft length of rope (1) requires 235 ft of 2ply jute twine.

Jute - 10ft length of rope (1) requires 80 ft of 2ply jute twine.

Cotton - 100% cotton yarn is best

Cotton - 30ft length of rope (1) requires 400 ft of cotton yarn.

Cotton - 10ft length of rope (1) requires 135 ft of cotton yarn.

Bamboo Silk - Harder to find, but is very soft and sensual

Bamboo Silk - 30ft length of rope (1) requires 400 ft of Bamboo Silk yarn.

Bamboo Silk - 10ft length of rope (1) requires 135 ft of Bamboo Silk yarn.

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