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Third Saturday: Wax Play with Kare and Kasey!

  • July 15, 2023
  • 8:00 PM
  • July 16, 2023
  • 2:00 AM
  • Cleveland Play Space (email


  • For guests without a current membership
  • For those with a current membership

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Curious about wax play? Just starting out? Maybe you’ve played with wax before and want to do more? Then this two part class is for you!

The first part of the evening will be building a wax kit for at home or travel. Come check out what you need for safety, play, and clean up - plus some fun items for wax oriented scenes. Once we are done checking out what to stock, we’ll cover safety 101 and facts about wax.*

For the second part of the evening, Kare and Kasey will demonstrate how to create a live ‘little monster,’ using wax. After a quick breakdown of the scene, participants will have some hands on time with wax. In order to be assured of the type of wax used, we will be providing the materials needed. We do encourage individuals to wear clothing they don’t care about (or no clothing at all!) when participating in the second part of the class. Kare can confirm: wax is terrible to get out of clothing! 

*As a reminder, wax play is edge play! No matter how ‘safely’ applied, hot wax does carry a burn risk. In this class we’ll only be covering paraffin and soy candles. Beeswax candles will not be covered in this course. 

@Kare_B is a queer agender switch who loves all things wax play. They have been hanging around the Cleveland scene since 2018 and are passionate about making wax play accessible to everyone. In their spare time, Kare makes their own wax and enjoys labbing out new ways to use wax in play. Additionally, they host OhioSMART munches and really enjoy good conversation while noshing on great food. In life outside of kink - Kare loves hiking, traveling, and spending time with their dogs/partners. 

@-Kasey- is... just a mess. He is currently living in Massachusetts, but is originally from the Greater Cleveland area. OhioSMART being his first experience with the Kink scene he has been in and out of leadership putting as much time as he realistically has towards the community and greater consent education. While Kasey is a switch and has a few area's he's better at topping than others, Wax is not one of them so he is here mostly to relay the experience of having hot petroleum poured all over and to be sassy.

Proof Of Vaccination IS Required For Entry, along with ID.

Please email with your name and DOB if this is your first event!

Proof Of Vaccination IS Required For Entry

Until further notice, proof of vaccination is required for entry to ALL OhioSMART events. Please bring it even if you showed us at the open house or a previous event.

We will accept the following:

Your vaccination card in person at the event along with your photo ID

A photograph on your phone of your vaccination card and ID: together in the same image and with ALL information visible. You should still bring your physical ID with you, but we understand not everyone carries their vaccine card.

IF YOU DO NOT HAVE PROOF OF VACCINATION, YOU ARE NOT PERMITTED TO ENTER OUR FACILITY. This applies to everyone -- we're simply not willing to risk our members, guests, and their loved ones' health by taking anyone's word for it.

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