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OhioSMART Third Saturday: Erotic Mindplay 101 w/ Spiral Turqoise and Daja

  • August 19, 2023
  • 8:00 PM
  • August 20, 2023
  • 2:00 AM
  • Cleveland Play Space (email


  • those without a current membership
  • those with a current membership

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Pittsburgh-based hypnokink educators Spiral Turquoise and Daja will be providing a primer on all things erotic hypnosis - for those who want to try, those who just want to give it a look, and those who love it and want another look at it.

*What hypnosis is and isn't: myths will be busted and questions will be answered

*Rapport: why hypnotists use it, and how you can use it in non-hypnotic contexts

*Applications of hypnosis in erotic and kinky play, such as: ropeless bondage and freezing; immersive role play; hypnotically induced orgasms; controlled hallucination; customized headspaces; and memory play

*Hypnotic induction techniques, including the Elman induction, instant inductions, and suggestibility test inductions

*Negotiation and consent in hypnosis play

*Safety considerations when playing with hypnosis and other altered headspaces

The presentation will feature suggestibility tests and hypnotic inductions, as well as demonstrations of various hypnotic phenomena. All demonstrations will include prior warnings and descriptions.

Spiral Turquoise Presenter Bio:

Spiral Turquoise is a genderqueer polyamorous hypno-switch and kink educator with an educational focus on erotic hypnosis and its intersections with other fetishes and kinks. He believes in an emphasis on customization, adaptation, and modification in approaching hypnosis and play. He has run the hypnokink educational group PHARMA (Pittsburgh Hypno And Romanticized Mind-Control Aficionados) and has a decade-long history of teaching classes at erotic hypnosis conventions such as Charmed and Beguiled.

Daja Presenter Bio:

Daja has been involved in the hypnokink community in multiple capacities for the last 13 years. She has taught at multiple erotic hypnosis conventions across the country and edited the educational resource book Mind Play (2017 and 2021 editions) by Mark Wiseman. She was also on the convention committee for the Chicago-area hypnokink con from 2014 through the end of the 2018 convention and has co-organized the Pittsburgh hypnokink group PHARMA since she moved to Pittsburgh in 2017.


7:45 Doors open, registration open
8:15 (ish) Class begins!
10:00 Class is over, party time
11:00 Registration closed
2:00 Dungeon closes, drive safe go home

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