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OhioSMART Third Saturday: Sensation Stations

  • April 20, 2024
  • 8:00 PM
  • April 21, 2024
  • 2:00 AM
  • Cleveland Play Space (Email with your name and DOB for address)


  • For those without a current membership
  • For those with a current membership
  • Board/Emeritus members

Registration is closed

Each year OhioSMART does a Sensation Stations Educational Play Party. What is that, you ask? Great question!

OhioSMART invites in local tops to demonstrate different types of play at individual stations around the dungeon. This allows you, the participant, to try the things you are curious about, but maybe didn't want to devote an entire scene to. This is also a great event for newcomers who have yet to try particular types of play. As they say, you never know until you try, and you just might find something you love!

As a note: Each individual participant, those topping at the station and bottoming for the sensation, will be actively negotiating during the event. If you are new to scene or what we call 'pick up play,' (any play done "in the moment") please stop by our negotiation station first! @Daphne24 will go over negotiation skills, tips, and tricks to help you navigate this event.

Sensation Stations:

Negotiation/Consent: @Daphne24

Rope: HardNight

Fire: @emie-lou2

Paddles/Frying Pans: @east_

Electric Play: Racer

Wax: @KaRe_B

Floggers: ChrisisFine

Canes: @-Kasey-

Needles: @goldenGoat

Knives: @PrettyWhenYouCry


7:45 PM: Doors Open, Registration Opens

8:00 PM: Sensation Stations Begin

10:00 PM: Sensation Stations End, Party Begins

11:00 PM: Registration Closes, No Entry Permitted Past This Time

2:00 AM: Closing Time

Please email with your name and DOB if this is your first event!

Contact Us!


☎  440.732.8317

OhioSMART is a 501c(7) non-profit organization.

Mailing Address:
PO Box 602643
Cleveland, OH 44102

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