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OhioSMART SMART Ties: Tasuki & Tasuki Kuminosu with OkieNawa

  • July 14, 2024
  • 12:00 PM - 5:00 PM
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Come join us on Second Sunday in July for OhioSMART SMART Ties! This will be an extended, two part class, from noon to 5 pm.

Session One:

Tasuki: This takatekote is generally used to facilitate face-up suspensions for individuals who can be tied with their arms behind their back, however this tie is also adaptable for different sizes and abilities.

Please bring: 3-4 ropes 25-30 feet long and ¼” or 6mm in diameter.

Session Two:

Tasuki Kuminosu: Kuminosu translates to the word spider web. This class reinforces learning the tasuki and will add an extra rope to create a spiderweb. Two different spiderweb constructions will be introduced.

Please bring: 4-5 ropes 25-30 feet long and ¼” or 6mm in diameter.

There'll be 30 minutes of demo, 45 minutes of guided practice, 45 minutes for independent application with feedback to individuals, and 30 minutes of discussion for each class. If there is time, OkieNawa will demo a face up to inversion progression and suspend himself with his partner.

OkieNawa Bio:

OkieNawa (or Okie) is Oklahoma Mr. Leather 2000 and was the first openly identified heterosexual and person of color to compete and win that title. He competed at International Mr.Leather 2000 later that year. In 2005 he had the honor of serving as the inaugural Mr. Great Plains Olympus and later captured the title of International Mr. Olympus 2006, which made him and his sash wife Lady Raven the first ever BIPOC International Mr. and Ms. Leather titleholders. Okie helped to produce Oklahoma Drummer and Leather Sir from 2000 to 2004. He was the executive producer of Oklahoma Leathersir and boy from 2004-2006 as well as being the regional producer for South Central Leather Contests from 2006-2007. Okie has written over 77 articles for various leather publications, one of the most notable is titled "Why Old Guard" under the pen name "David Masterson". He has studied kinbaku (AKA shibari) in Tokyo Japan. Okie helped to found the following groups: Kinbaku OKC in 2003, Kinbaku KCMO in 2008, Rope Bite KCMO in 2018 and the Kansas City Rope Collective. He has presented, judged or performed at over 100 BDSM, Leather or Rope events around the US, Canada and Tokyo since 1999. He has helped to raise over $80,000 for many different causes such as: The Leather Archives and Museum, The Winds House, The Leather Literary Project, Hurricane Katrina, AIDS/HIV, Greenwood community (where the Tulsa Race Massacre happened) and battered women's' shelter located in Oklahoma City and Tulsa Oklahoma. For the last few years, he has taken on the role of mentor, and spends time mentoring a few, but being a resource to others. 

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