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OhioSMART presents: Fetish Flea Market 2022!

November 18th, 19th, and 20th

After taking a couple years off due to the you-know-what, we're back in a bigger space and more to offer than ever!
Join us November 19-21 in our 9,000sqft facility where we will host toy vendors, artists, authors, classes for all skill levels, a clothing swap, a play party, a rope intensive, and Kink U sponsored by Titans of the Midwest.

Saturday Member Pricing:


FF Saturday All-Access members admission – $40.00

Come and shop, join us for classes during the day, and come back during the evening for another great class with a play party afterwards. This for attendees who will join us all day and all night.

FF Saturday: Daytime Only members admission – $25.00

Join us for three classes in between your flea market shopping time! This ticket is for attendees who want to attend during the day but won't be able to join us for the Saturday night class.

FF Saturday Night members admission – $20.00

This ticket includes the Saturday evening class and play party

Click Here To Register For Saturday!

Saturday Guest Pricing:


FF Saturday: All-Access Guest admission – $60.00

Come and shop, join us for classes during the day, and come back during the evening for another great class with a play party afterwards. This for attendees who will join us all day and all night.

FF Saturday Daytime only Guest admission – $40.00

Join us for three classes in between your flea market shopping time! This ticket is for attendees who want to attend during the day but won't be able to join us for the Saturday night class.

FF Saturday night guest admission – $35.00

This ticket includes the Saturday evening class and play party

Sunday Pricing

sponsored by Titans of the Midwest

Rope Intensive Audit Spot – $50.00

This ticket is for observing/auditing the class only, not participating

Rope Intensive with participation   $180.00 (admits two)

This registration is for the Sunday rope intensive with RopeDaddy this class will utilize suspension rigs and there will be two participants per rig

*SMARTies events are the same price regardless of membership status. 

Click Here To Register For Sunday!


Saturday Daytime Classes

1:30-2:45 Ranged Impact Play: getting close by striking from afar (With TJ and Slave Amanda)

Range impact play can range from gentle sensory flogging to the sting of a single tail. It can be a tool in various different scenes or a scene unto itself. This ranged impact play class will work to show the safety parameters for RACK based impact play along with how to work it into some scenes. We will cover most of the basic tools and discuss how they vary in both usage and in feel. We will demonstrate healthy and safe usage of the various toys and will allow the participants to handle and swing various implements shown in the class. Participants will not be allowed to use the tools on the demo bottoms unfortunately due to safety concerns. This class is open to everyone regardless of gender expression, sex, and sexual orientation.

Slave Amanda (pronouns she/her/hers) is bisexual, polyamorous, and a masochist with a passion to discuss Leather, kink, consent, and polyamory with kinksters & vanillas. Though the pandemic slowed her down to focus on health and family, she is remembered for teaching classes on Human Furniture and Impact Play. She is honored to have taught classes at Illinois Bear and South Plains Leatherfest International Master and slave contest. She held the titles of GLLA Ohio Miss Ohio Leather 2019, GLLA slave 2015, and Illinois slave 2015/2014. Amanda is slave to Sir Tj, beta to Aries, and metamour to Slade. She resides in the heart o' Chicago (the city, NOT the hotel) with her house demon, Ari.

Originally from Jacksonville Fl, Tj moved to Chicago in 2011. In Florida he was peripherally involved with the kink community but dove into the Chicago community in 2014. A sadistic, pan-, poly, Dom he basically enjoy anything that can be construed as libidinous: leather, gear, impact play, knock out play, sensory deprivation, electro, torture, wax, groups, exhibitionism/public play, and good ole' fashioned sadism. Outside the world of kink he is an avid reader, gamer, music buff, all around hedonist, and ordained minister for those of you wishing to get married or buried or both.

3:00-4:15 The Lonely Bottom (With Rope Daddy+AuraLee33)

Knowledge Base: none! Come hang out with us!

Knowledge Level: All levels are welcome!

Ever felt disconnected while being tied or tying? This is a discussion based class that focuses on how to keep the energy up and stay engaged while working with rope.

What to Bring to Class: Your inquiring mind!

Rope Daddy was introduced to shibari in 2017 and fell in love with the art of it. Since then he has dedicated his time to sharing his work through photography and illustrations. When asked what is your favorite part. He will say "The connection through intimacy"

AuraLee33 first connected with shibari and Rope Daddy in 2019. Her background in the medical field has been pivotal in developing Rope Daddy studios educational material. ​The opening of Rope Daddy studios has allowed them to provide a safe space not only for kink photography but educational and recreational kink as well. The past few years they have spent their time traveling to promote and present the Rope Daddy brand.

4:30-5:45 Wet & Messy (WAM): The Art of Food Play (With Monet Magnolia)

Sploshing: the sexual kink of playing with food in this case desserts. Do you like to get dirty? Do you have a sweet tooth? Are you ready to have fun and have more excitement in your life...well this workshop would be for you! Come and participate in this amazing workshop.

Monet Magnolia is an intoxicating flirt who has a passion for books, burlesque, nudity and quite the sweet tooth. Monet is the current Ms. Kentucky Leather Pride 2020 & 2021 and a Member of Onyx Pearls Great Lakes.

Saturday evening class:

The Science of Pain with TJ and Slave Amanda

Pain is the joy of the sadist and the thrill of a true masochist. In S&M scenes, pain is both the driving force of the play as well as the reward. But, how do you make it last? Our bodies are evolutionarily adapted to mitigate and escape pain. So, how do you keep it going in a scene? This class will discuss and show how to maintain pain levels so the body doesn’t shut down. It will work to explain how pain works in the body in hopes that, for those of us who enjoy it, we can find ways to maintain a healthy level of pain for a prolonged period without actual harm.

This class is open to everyone regardless of gender expression, sex, and sexual orientation.

Sunday Rope Intensive (10am-5pm)

This will be an all day rope intensive concentrating on two separate suspension ties: an Agura and a Strappado.

Please read and fully understand the Prerequisites of this intensive. We will not be able to teach any of the Prerequisites during class. Please come prepared!

We will break mid-day for lunch (not included).

Class Level: Intermediate

Prerequisites: Participants must be able to tie a solid single column, have a working understanding of a hojo cuff(inline cuff), a suspension worthy hip harness that can load from behind, a suspension worthy chest harness, and working knowledge of urine management.

What to Bring to Class: 8-10 hanks of rope

Agura:201 and 202

So you think you can tie an agura? This class will go over step by step instructions on how we tie an Agura and where we find it best apply the uses of an agura.

Now that we can tie an Agura we will cover how to apply the Agura into BDSM play. We will be covering how to use the Agura in bedroom bondage, as well as techniques of how to transition a bottom tied in the Agura from the floor into the air.

Suspension Strappado.

This class covers how to suspend with a strappado safely, what are some dangers and what to avoid.

Please contact Ohio SMART or Lilmiss-D- if you have any questions.

Sunday Kink U Sponsored by Titans of the Midwest (12-4:30 pm)

Pet Play 101 Discussion Panel

Learn and ask everything you have always wondered about what pet play is, how to get started, and more!


haifisch- (she/her) is a Cincinnati-based submissive and ropeslut. she has been active in the scene for over 5 years and loves to soak up knowledge offered by others while giving back to the community. she was given Cincinnati Leather's inaugural Critter Title in 2022. This unicorn believes in the power of laughter and experiences the most joy when pursuing absurdity through kink.

Handler Blaise (he/him) is a local handler within the Columbus Ohio region and a member of Titans Of The Midwest. He was introduced to the leather and pet scene over six years ago and has continued to fall further in love with the community. You can normally find him tinkering at new ways to entertain the critters or being chased by a horde of nibbling obsessed brats. In addition to pet play, his favorite kinks entail binding up pets and subjecting them to a mixture of electro, tickles, and long rimming sessions. In his spare time, he enjoys either kicking ass while playing some video games, sniffing some pits, and or traveling to local events to visit friends.

Bootblacking 101 with Lorelei Siren

So, you love leather…the look, the feel, the smell, the functionality of it. But do you know how to care for it? For many of us, our leather is an extension of ourselves and needs be maintained to extend its life. This class will review basic tools, products, and techniques so that you can lovingly tend to the leather in your life.

Lorelei strives to create an interactive and encouraging setting. In this class there is a hands-on, show and tell style review of the products and tools. Followed by a demonstration of basic cleaning, conditioning, and polishing. The group is encouraged to move around to get a better look and ask questions throughout the process.

Lorelei Siren, the 2019 Ohio Bootblack, is a service-oriented, sadomasochist who joined the public kink community in 2013. Though extensively trained in many areas of service, one of Lorelei’s greatest passions is the sensuous, meticulous ritual of bootblacking. It was their love of bootblacking that lead them to make the leap into the leather community in 2015.

Lorelei is a leader of CBC-CLE (Cigars, Boots & Chocolate, Cleveland), a member of OhioSMART, and has been a member of the CLAW bootblack crew. They have lead demos/classes over the past several years and look forward to many more opportunities to share with others.

When at home, Lorelei enjoys pampering their partner through bootblacking, wet shaving, foot worship, and cigar service. They are very excited to formally share their knowledge with all of you.

Cigars & Service With Chris Is Fine

Whether you are new to cigars or an aficionado, there is always an opportunity to learn something new and meet new people. This class will review three areas; the basics of cigars, the tools needed, and cigar service. Come and find out why size and shape matter when it comes to the cut and why sometimes an ash tray isn’t really necessary.

Chris Is Fine is an evil sadist who loves receiving all types of service. After joining the kink scene in 2012, he dove in headfirst and attended every event he could, learning lots along the way. Now he wants to share his knowledge with you. Among the things he is passionate about are cigars, which he enjoys smoking, and using for play.

As a member of OhioSMART, Chris has partaken in many cigar themed classes and adjacent events, and helps co-organize the Cleveland CBC (Cigar, Boots, and Chocolate) group.

When at home, he enjoys receiving service including wet-shaving, bootblacking, and enjoying an expertly prepared cigar from his partner and human ashtray Lorelei.



Tempting Sweets

Daphne Matthews is a former journalist who has been involved in various BDSM communities for more than 15 years, including time in leadership. But it is her lifetime of support for Cleveland sports teams that qualifies her as a True Masochist. She is the author of the dark romance Gambler Series, and the lighter spinoff, Pairings.

She also creates chocolate delicacies and nerdy/naughty cross stitch designs. There will definitely be a little something to tempt everyone at the Tempting Sweets table.

Elizabeth Patterson

Elizabeth has two main focuses within her art – portraiture and bold, conceptual pieces (usually centered on the nude figure) created from the overflow of her emotions and convictions. Her portraits range from pen and ink drawings on paper to large oil paintings on canvas, depending on the project. The more conceptual pieces are mostly oil on canvas – with some exploration into embroidery – which allows her to translate the intensity of emotion appropriate for each piece, both with thicker layers of paint and also bolder, more striking colors. With both focuses the goal is to capture people and moments that reveal more of her heart and desires and the hearts and desires of those who commission the art.

She believes that sharing our hearts – being vulnerable – can be empowering, and it’s that authenticity that helps us to then connect with and strengthen each other. Her art strives to be a visual representation of those bonds.”

EmieLou Creations

Emie, on Fet as emie-lou2, (pronouns she/her) started in the kink scene in 2016, And was quickly drawn to the flame of fire play, and started her journey as a fire top later that year.

Her love of rope led her down the path to the evils of coconut rope, and her first coconut flogger was made soon after. She’s been involved in the community as well, running the successful C.O.K.E munch in Canton for several years.

Emie is a rope top who’s happy to share her knowledge with others, and you can often see her at Smart working on some sort of self-suspension when she’s not introducing new folks to the fun of fire play.

When she’s not at Smart events, needle play, reading, beach combing for pretty glass, and trying to keep her partner’s houseplants alive are a few of her passions.

She’s decided to share her passion in more tangible ways, so if you’re looking for a uniquely nasty flogger made of coconut fiber, or hand made fire wands in different sizes and colors, come find her at the flea!

Manor Gear

Leather Naturally Manor Gear we sell Collars, Cuffs, Floggers, Crops, Vests, Thigh Garters, and more. We also do custom work. We've been in business for over 18 years. Owned by a lifestyle leather couple who know and understand what quality leather means. Everything is made by us right here in Cleveland. Manor Gear is the place For All Your Leather Needs.

The Artful Cricket

Nikki “Cricket” of The Artful Cricket has specialized in henna body art for over 20 years. While the practice of decorating one’s body with henna is over 5,000 years old, this beautiful art form feeds readily into modern BDSM and kink practices. Posture and positional control are an essential part of the experience of receiving henna, while foot fetishism, quirofilia, humiliation, and sensual body adornment in general can all be served and enhanced by the application of henna. Visit with The Artful Cricket during the Flea and try henna out for yourself, or consult with Cricket about how to incorporate henna body art into future experiences or events!

Maximus Leather Shop

Since 2011 Maximus Leather Shop has offered well-priced and well-made leather gear to the community in Pittsburgh and beyond. Maximus believes kinksters deserve high quality bondage gear at an affordable price. Get handcrafted leather fetish toys and custom leather gear here.

Menagerie of Makers

Korvin and Goat are a pair of crafters who have been involved in the kink community for over a decade. Korvin specializes in stained glass suncatchers with images inspired by fantasy, fandoms, LGBT+ community, and more. Goat’s current creative itch has him making whimsical fleece stuffies and wing shaped shawls that are a delight to behold. Their “menagerie” occasionally also graced with other crafters who have temporarily joined their ranks so they can offer a wider range of goodies.

Kaimatic Sweets


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