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OhioSMART presents: Fetish Flea Market 2023!

November 17th, 18th, and 19th

Join us November 17-19th in our 9,000sqft facility where we will host toy vendors, artists, authors, classes for all skill levels, a clothing swap, a play party, and a SMARTies extended class on Sunday! 

New for this year - want to attend a single class in the afternoon? 

Single class tickets are available for just $20 bucks! 

Saturday Member Pricing:


FF Saturday All-Access members admission – $50.00

Come and shop, join us for classes during the day, and come back during the evening for another great class with a play party afterwards. This for attendees who will join us all day and all night.

FF Saturday: Daytime Only members admission – $35.00

Join us for three classes in between your flea market shopping time! This ticket is for attendees who want to attend during the day but won't be able to join us for the Saturday night class.

FF Saturday Night members admission – $20.00

This ticket includes only the Saturday evening class and play party

Afternoon Single Class ticket- $20.00

Click Here To Register For Saturday!

Saturday Guest Pricing:


FF Saturday: All-Access Guest admission – $70.00

Come and shop, join us for classes during the day, and come back during the evening for another great class with a play party afterwards. This for attendees who will join us all day and all night.

FF Saturday Daytime only Guest admission – $50.00 - 

Join us for three classes in between your flea market shopping time! This ticket is for attendees who want to attend during the day but won't be able to join us for the Saturday night class.

FF Saturday night guest admission – $40.00

This ticket includes only  the Saturday evening class and play party

Afternoon Single Class ticket - $20.00

Sunday Pricing

SMARTies will be having a two part class! We will be going over adaptive/modified TK and gunslinger harnesses for the first half of this extended class!  TK ties have been used for suspension and restriction, gunslingers can offer support in suspensions and can also be fun handles!

The second half will be the Tengu harness and different ways to incorporate it into your scene! This is a very restrictive tie that can be used with predicament bondage and breath play. These harnesses are not self-tiable, having a tying partner is encouraged! We are looking forward to this extended class and sharing more awesome rope time with you all!

$15.00 admission for all participants! 

*SMARTies events are the same price regardless of membership status. 

Click Here To Register For Sunday!


Saturday Daytime Classes

1:30pm - 2:45pm

Needles 101:Sensation (Not Just Decoration!)

New to needles and trying to figure out how to make scenes 'work'? Not sure what to do with ramping? Looking for new ideas to branch out from decorative scenes? Want to make your scenes more fun and exciting? In this class we're covering the basic ins and outs of Needle Play with a focus on how to manage the intensity of sensation during your scene. We'll cover piercing techniques, ideas for playing with needles once they're in, and how to better connect throughout your scene.
Presenter: RowanMorrison

@RowanMorrison (they/them) is a sadistic Top that’s been focused on controlling sensation and managing scene flow since they got into needles sometime around 2013. They’re also a longtime OhioSMART member (and former board member), though they now reside in Massachusetts with their partner, two cats, and a tortoise. One of their favorite things (besides pain) is helping introduce newbies to needles and helping people get past the awkwardness of starting out in this awesome form of play.

3:00 pm - 4:15 pm

Finding Your Inner Fire: Primal 101

Your inner fire...whether it is a physical path you tread or a spiritual one, people feel a calling to the primal self that once was. Come learn how to kindle your fire and reach out to the spirits that guide us all. Stories and discussion to inspire.

@MikaelV (He/Him) is a top-leaning switch who has been active in the scene for 10+ years. Starting with his first public appearance at DO Fusion, he has not stopped learning and sharing with people he has met. Mikael is active in the Greater Philadelphia area with Owls Nest, Crave Events, as well as Dark Odyssey camps. He specializes in impact, knives, and primal play.

4:30 PM - 5:45 PM

Adaptive Rope

Whether you are seeking alternative ties for bottoms with mobility concerns, looking for advice on tying with different body types, or trying to get creative within your experience level - this class is for you!

This will be a participant driven, conversational Class geared toward making rope more accessible for You and Your partners. Arriving with topics and questions is strongly encouraged.

@BoyAnachron (they/them, previously GoblinBights) is a queer, disabled, neurodivergent creature with an affinity for rope, leather, and education. Their personality and energy may best be described as equal parts "mischievous court jester" and "stilted Gilded-Age butler", which (they hope!) lends to their lab-y, creative, and conscientious approach to sharing their knowledge with others.

Saturday evening class:

Rhythm and Bruise: How to Elevate Your Scenes Through Audio and Music

Time: 8:00 pm - 10:00 pm

This class will focus on how brains process sound, music, and toying with it.
Time will be spent covering some basic auditory concepts, the sounds different parts of the body make, music’s connection to memories, playlist construction, music pervertables, and more.
There will be demonstrations and active listening for participants.

@RealWookie (He/They) has been listening, creating, and loving music for their entire life.
A trained saxophonist, they have also performed shows as a singer, percussionist, and electric bassist, and are a contributing musician to a Grammy Award winning album.
They have been a professional software developer in the audio industry for a decade, and products they've worked on or helped support has helped power creativity and joy for artists and fans worldwide. They are delighted at the opportunity to hand off ideas and tools they've gathered to others looking to delight more senses simultaneously.



Manor Gear

For All Your Kinky Leather Needs. Manor Gear specializes in leather collars and cuffs, floggers, crops and paddles, leather garments such as bar vests, leather thigh garters and Jills, leather neck ties. We also carry leather cleaners and conditioners. We specialize in expert repair and restoration of leathers as well as custom leather garments and gear.

Maximus Leather

A Pittsburgh local, hardworking bluecollar queer with a manufacturing background, Maximus Leather handcrafts leather fetish toys and gear. Their experience in the kink community goes back at least 12 years, and they have extensive experience to share. Custom orders welcome.

Menagerie of Makers

Goat and Korvin are the makers behind Menagerie of Makers. The pair have been involved in the kink community for over a decade and crafting for longer than that. Korvin specializes in stained glass suncatchers with images inspired by fantasy, fandoms, the LGBT+ community, and more.
Goat’s current creative itch has him delving into the world of leather-work, exploring the making of paddles, collars, and the occasional hat. Their “menagerie” is also graced, at times, with other crafters who temporarily join their ranks with other hand-crafted offerings.

AIS Kink labs

Fun, kinky stuff - Lovingly crafted, tested, and enjoyed by Kinksters! AIS Kink labs is the endeavor of Barak & Sheba who began their kinky journey over 20 years ago. During that time, AIS Kink Labs has been their side project to fabricate high quality, comfortable, and durable furniture for the events.
Plus, we do custom work! Just shoot us an email to and let us work with you to create the exact Kinky Toy or Furniture for you and your Bottoms pleasure!

After well over 15 years as Kink Event Organizers, Authors & National Presenters, they have stepped back from leadership. and are now just having fun and investing in their relationship. Over those decades, they have also used & created all kinds of wild, wicked, and wonderful toys. Now, they are using that knowledge & experience to invent (and craft) Toys and Furniture that will last for years and years of joy and hard use.

Calamities by Sammie

I make unique one of a kind items of all types for that special someone. Items include unique custom jewelry, hand tooled leather pictures, leather flowers as well as custom commission work. If you are looking for something special, look no further than Calamities by Sammie.

Daphne Matthews

Daphne Matthews is a kinky crafter and author who has been involved in the community long enough to remember when you had to walk up four flights - both ways! - just to get to the dungeon. But it's her love for local sports teams that makes her a True Masochist.

Stop by for snarky crosstitches, cute earrings, and smutty reading material. And visit her online at or

Two Rings Creations

Two Rings Creations was founded in Dayton in 2019 and is thrilled to now be a part of the Cleveland community. We specialize in handmade leather goods that are beautiful, useful, and durable. Our goal is to make you something you'll want to wear and use for the rest of your life. For this event we're proud to partner with Quiet Ship to offer a variety of candles, including some for enjoyable and safe wax play.

The Artful Cricket

Nikki “Cricket” of The Artful Cricket has specialized in henna body art for over 20 years. While the practice of decorating one’s body with henna is over 5,000 years old, this beautiful art form feeds readily into modern BDSM and kink practices. Posture and positional control are an essential part of the experience of receiving henna, while foot fetishism, quirofilia, humiliation, and sensual body adornment in general can all be served and enhanced by the application of henna. Visit with The Artful Cricket during the Flea and try henna out for yourself, or consult with Cricket about how to incorporate henna body art into future experiences or events!


Emie, she/her, on fet as emie-lou2, started in the kink scene in 2016, and was quickly drawn to the flame of fire play, and started her journey as a fire top later that year.
Her love of rope led her down the path to the evils of coconut rope, and her first coconut flogger was made soon after. She ran a munch in the Canton area for several years and currently is a co-leader of OhioSMART ties.
Emie is a rope top who’s happy to share her knowledge with others, and you can often see her at SMART working on some sort of ropey fun when she’s not introducing new folks to the fun of fire play.
When she’s not at Smart events, reading, beach combing for pretty glass, and trying to keep her own and her partner’s houseplants alive are a few of her passions.
She’s decided to share her passion in more tangible ways, so if you’re looking for a uniquely nasty and stingy flogger made of coconut fiber, or heavy and thuddy jean floggers, or even hand made fire wands in different sizes, come find her at the flea!


Flaming River Arts is a LGBTQIA+ education non-profit. Their mission statement proudly states there is defiance in joy, and they back this statement up with their programming for the queer community. Their flagship event is Flaming River Con, the Midwest's first LGBTQIA+ centered nerdy convention. They have also offered a makeup class for trans women, a quarterly one shot gaming event, Queers & Quests, and Queer Prom. All items at this vendors table fit the organization's mission.


The National Coalition for Sexual Freedom (NCSF) is committed to creating a political, legal and social environment in the US that advances equal rights for consenting adults who engage in alternative sexual and relationship expressions. The NCSF aims to advance the rights of, and advocate for consenting adults in the BDSM-Leather-Fetish, Swing, and Polyamory Communities. We pursue our vision through direct services, education, advocacy, and outreach, in conjunction with our partners, to directly benefit these communities.

Kaimatic Sweets

Kaimatic Sweets is a Cleveland-based mobile confectionery that began satisfying sweet tooths in 2018.
Lots of delicious options including gluten free ways to satisfy your cravings!

Contact Us!


☎  440.732.8317

OhioSMART is a 501c(7) non-profit organization.

Mailing Address:
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