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Presenter Spotlight: EM

16 Nov 2018 8:58 PM | Ohio (Administrator)

EM was interested in BDSM long before discovering his Memphis community in 2010. After practicing privately, he began traveling around the country, and sometimes outside of it, to learn, play and explore. His biggest interests are Japanese-inspired rope bondage and whips.

Through bondage, he is especially drawn to the ability to control, mold, or contort a beautiful woman. As a sadist, he enjoys causing welts and stripes to those same beautiful women. But it’s not just pure sadism that drives him. It is the helplessness and trust, as well as submission to that pain that he seeks. Depth, vulnerability, and sincerity in his partners are most important to him.

EM is always looking to learn more and improve, and believes you can never truly learn everything there is to know.

He also enjoys amateur photography. He makes no money from these photos, but does it simply because he loves it.

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