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  • January 03, 2019 8:01 PM | OhioSMART (Administrator)

    Back in the old days, when the internet was new and shiny, and people met on places called bulletin boards, OhioSMART didn’t have a newfangled, decked out dungeon space. We met in bars. So we set the minimum age requirement at 21.

    It made sense then. It doesn’t anymore.

    The past 20 plus years have brought a lot of changes. New venues, new leadership, and new demographics. We’ve embraced those changes, and now it’s time for another one.

    At our December Town Hall meeting, membership overwhelmingly agreed to lower the minimum membership age to 19! And we couldn’t be more excited. We look forward to fresh faces, new ideas, and different perspectives.

    Please welcome these new members with us and make them feel at home.

  • November 16, 2018 6:58 PM | OhioSMART (Administrator)

    EM was interested in BDSM long before discovering his Memphis community in 2010. After practicing privately, he began traveling around the country, and sometimes outside of it, to learn, play and explore. His biggest interests are Japanese-inspired rope bondage and whips.

    Through bondage, he is especially drawn to the ability to control, mold, or contort a beautiful woman. As a sadist, he enjoys causing welts and stripes to those same beautiful women. But it’s not just pure sadism that drives him. It is the helplessness and trust, as well as submission to that pain that he seeks. Depth, vulnerability, and sincerity in his partners are most important to him.

    EM is always looking to learn more and improve, and believes you can never truly learn everything there is to know.

    He also enjoys amateur photography. He makes no money from these photos, but does it simply because he loves it.

  • October 22, 2018 10:27 PM | OhioSMART (Administrator)

    We've added the times of all the classes on the event listing, go here to check out the day's schedule.

    Don't forget to buy your tickets early and save that cash for shopping on the day of the Flea!

    Speaking of shopping, keep an eye on the website to make sure you see more information on the vendors and presenters coming up!!!

  • September 08, 2018 9:46 AM | OhioSMART (Administrator)

    Welcome, friends, to OhioSMART’s new website. Come on in, and put your mind at ease. Nothing scary here, just your friendly, neighborhood perverts in your friendly, neighborhood dungeon.

    We’ve undergone a few changes lately. We have more events and more special interest groups than ever. And that means more opportunities to come out and get to know your fellow kinksters.

    What hasn’t changed is our commitment to education and safety. No matter what event you attend, we will do our best to ensure your protection and comfort. If comfort is your kink, that is. Otherwise, we’ll leave your discomfort to your top.

    So look around. Check out the FAQs, SIGS both old and new, and all our new features. Then join us for a game, a drink, a class, or all of the above and more. And feel free to contact any of our board members with questions or concerns. We promise to listen and address any problems you might come across.

  • August 01, 2018 6:46 PM | OhioSMART (Administrator)

    NCSF FOSTA/SESTA Update and Call to Action

    NCSF has been working hard with our allies to mitigate the harm of FOSTA/SESTA. Now we need your help!

    NCSF has been invited by the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) to submit an amicus brief in its recently filed proactive legal challenge to the new FOSTA legislation - https://www.eff.org/…/eff-sues-invalidate-fosta-unconstitut…. We have also been invited to submit potential legislative amendments to the Free Speech Coalition for submission to Congress.

    In order to do this, and to build a case for future actions, we need to document any harm to our constituents created by this legislation, including payment processing issues for events. If you have had your event, organization or business impacted, or have taken measures out of fear of being impacted, please send us a report as soon as possible.

    We need the following information:

    Name, zip code, email, phone number (optional) and a brief description of the incident(s) and date(s). Please send an email to FOSTA@ncsfreedom.org. This information will be kept confidential.

    NCSF participated in the first ever Sex Worker Lobby Day to educate lawmakers on the harmful effects of FOSTA/SESTA on June 1st. The response from Congressional offices was positive and we urge all of you to continue the process with your representatives. In August, Congress is typically in recess and representatives are usually available for meetings in their home districts. We suggest doing outreach to SWOP chapters (Sex Workers Outreach Project—www.swopusa.org) in your area and work with them to develop a lobbying plan.

    NCSF can help prepare you to lobby and will be hosting a lobbying webinar on August 6th focused on this legislation. We look forward to working with all of you on these issues—please contact Judy Guerin at Judy@ncsfreedom.org if you would like to organize your own lobbying effort.

    NCSF also participated in a national strategy meeting on June 21st & 22nd focused on sex worker rights and FOSTA/SESTA, which was attended by national sex worker rights leaders, the ACLU, the Electronic Frontier Foundation and the Free Speech Coalition. A statement of national principles for the sex workers rights movement was developed and strategy plans for future actions were discussed.

    We really need everyone to be as active as possible on this issue—lobby, write a letter to your representatives and support sex workers in your area. This is about everyone’s sexual freedom and free speech rights!

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